Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Is Hawarden busy enough to justify an RMZ?
The RMZ isn’t related to traffic levels, it is considered on a Safety basis. Hawarden has a wide range of aircraft operations ranging from small and slow training aircraft, to big and fast commercial and military jets. All we are looking to do is create a safer environment in which all aircraft can operate in. Our photo gallery shows some of the range of aircraft that operate from Hawarden.

2) What other options are there?
The other main option is to apply for Controlled Airspace; but we feel this would be overkill and is not warranted for the current level of operation and safety risk. We firmly believe that an RMZ is an sensible balance of maintaining flexibility for all users and creating a safer environment.

3) Will you ever refuse me entry or insist I move out of the way thus giving priority to your IFR aircraft?
Absolutely not! We cannot and would not refuse you entry into the RMZ nor would we insist you deviate from your planned routing. We may ask you to route towards a certain point or fly/maintain a certain altitude but this would be entirely subject to your agreement and you should refuse if you don’t want to comply with the request.

4) Will a radar service be imposed on me?
No! We will not impose a radar service on you. Just as it is now, you can request any level of ATSOCAS you wish and although we are not a LARS unit we will endeavour to provide the best service we can to all aircraft.

5) All I want to do is fly around North Wales and the Chester area without being bombarded with Traffic Information or being told to route somewhere, will this be a problem?
Of course not. It is not our intention to interfere with your planned flight. Although inside an RMZ you would be required to maintain two-way communications we will only ever pass traffic information relevant to the type of service you are receiving or if there is a definite risk to your safety. The proposed RMZ would have minimal impact on you.

6) Will the proposed RMZ be H24, if not how will we know when it is active?
No, the RMZ will most likely be active during our core operating hours, somewhere in the region of 06:30-21:00 Weekdays and 08:30-19:00 Saturday & 08:30-17:00 Sundays and Public Holidays. Although Hawarden Airport does occasionally operate outside of these hours for a restricted number of movements it is envisaged that the RMZ will not be required as there is unlikely to be any significant amount of unknown traffic given the time of day.

7) What will be the vertical limits of the proposed RMZ?
This is something that is yet to be finalised and will be taken into account during the public consultation.