Who Does The RMZ Affect?

  • Hawarden Based Operators
  • Visiting Aircraft
  • Sites in the vicinity of Hawarden
  • Local Airports - RAF Shawbury, Liverpool
  • Transiting Aircraft
  • Non-Radio Aircraft

How will an RMZ Affect Users:

Based Operators - Generally, local based operators won’t notice a difference; it won’t create any extra work for pilots or create any restrictions. What it will do is create a safer environment where all traffic operating inside the RMZ will be known to Air Traffic Control therefore providing an enhanced radar service if the aircraft wishes to receive one.

Visiting Aircraft - Visiting Aircraft won’t notice much of a difference. The main difference is that they will need to contact ‘Hawarden Radar’ before entering the RMZ.

Local Gliding Sites & Private Strips - Any gliding sites and private strips located within the proposed RMZ may need to have Letters of Agreement (LOAs) written to establish our joint responsibilities and actions, but there is no intention to adversely affect their current operating practices.

Local Airports - There are no local airports sufficiently close to Hawarden to be adversely affected by an RMZ. Both RAF Shawbury and Liverpool Airport will not notice any differences to current operating procedures as the units will coordinate with each other when required.

Transiting aircraft - The main difference to transiting aircraft is that they must call us before entering the RMZ. We are not looking to restrict any aircraft or insist they do something they weren’t intending to do. We may make a request that the pilot route via somewhere or restrict their altitude but the pilot is able to say no and should do so if they are not able, or do not wish, to comply with the request. We may use Radar to identify you if we have IFR traffic to deconflict against you but where possible we will not try to interfere with your planned flight. Just having you identified and knowing what you are doing greatly increases our ability to get our IFR aircraft moving safely and operating more efficiently.

Non Radio Aircraft - Don’t worry, we can accommodate you, just give us a call on the landline and we can arrange a time and crossing point.