What is an RMZ?

An RMZ is airspace of defined dimensions wherein the carriage and operation of suitable/appropriate radio requirement is mandatory. The requirement for communications within an RMZ is as follows:

  • VFR flights operating in parts of Classes E, F or G airspace and IFR flights operating in parts of Classes F or G airspace designated as an RMZ by the competent authority, shall establish two way communication before entering the dimensions of the RMZ and maintain continuous air-ground voice communication watch, as necessary, on the appropriate communication channel, unless in compliance with alternative provisions prescribed for that particular airspace by the Controlling Authority.

  • Before entering an RMZ, an initial call containing the designation of the station being called, call sign, type of aircraft, position, level, the intentions of the flight and other information as prescribed by the competent authority, shall be made by pilots on the appropriate communication channel.

  • The dimensions of the Hawarden proposed RMZ have not yet been finalised as they are subject to this consultation process, but the proposed dimensions shall be the minimum required to meet the requirements of the aircraft using it. We envisage the RMZ being active as per the published operating hours in the UKAIP

The CAA has produced several publications concerning RMZs. These can be found on the CAA website or on the Links page.