Welcome to the Consultation Website for the Hawarden Radio Mandatory Zone (RMZ).

Hawarden Air Traffic Control are reviewing the airspace surrounding Hawarden Airport and are currently investigating the advantages, disadvantages and feasibility of applying to the Civil Aviation Authority for a permanent Radio Mandatory Zone (RMZ).

We are eager to consult with all users of the airport and the surrounding airspace to enable us to clearly understand how the establishment of an RMZ would affect you.

By gathering as much feedback from the users of the airspace as possible we can develop a design and subsequent application best suited to everybody’s needs whilst at the same time creating a more efficient operation.

Please use this website to help understand what we are looking to achieve, and feedback to us your thoughts and suggestions.

Please use the feedback form or contact details on this website to contact us; the site will be updated at frequent intervals to keep everyone informed of our progress and to help create a focal point of information.

The Radio Mandatory Zone has been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority and will be established on 30th March 2017.

Further details are available from www.ais.org.uk website or on the News Blog page.

Many Thanks

Hawarden Air Traffic Control